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...sooooooooo have you guys heard a movie is being made?

Gavin Hood, the director (lauded for) Tsotsi and (scorned for) X-Men Origins: Wolverine is helming the project.

so far, here's how the cast looks:

some pretty wise and if i may say so impressive choices right there, kudos to the casting director.

Asa Butterfield is ENDER - Nanny McPhee Returns, Son of Rambow, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, Hugo
Harrison Ford is COLONEL GRAFF - Han Solo, Indiana Jones, hello??
Ben Kingsley is MAZER RACKHAM - Gandhi, Sexy Beast, Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time, Shutter Island, Hugo
Hailee Steinfeld is PETRA - True Grit
Aramis Knight is BEAN - minor role in Gavin Hood's Rendition, NCIS "Freedom"
Suraj Parthasarathy is ALAI
Khylin Rhambo is DINK
Moises Arias is BONZO - Rico from Hannah Montana
Conor Carroll is BERNARD
Abigail Breslin is VALENTINE - Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland, New Year's Eve, My Sister's Keeper, No Reservations
Jimmy "Jax" Pinchak is PETER - Let Me In
Brendan Meyer is STILSON - Adam Young from Mr. Young

i don't know about you but i like how diverse the kids look and come from, you don't always need big names to make it work.

* * *

the reaction the kid now famous for Hugo when he got the part? priceless :)

figures, he's a fan of the book.

and guess what? he's got OSC's full blessing!
"I'm delighted that Asa Butterfield is so happy to be playing Ender Wiggin! I just saw his fine performance in Hugo - best thing in the movie! - and I look forward to seeing him bring Ender Wiggin to life on the screen."
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